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Android or iOS – What should be your online platform to start your business?

With the increasing number of smartphones, the number of app developers increasing for the same. Though the developer has various numbers of platforms to build an app they choose one or two to build i.e. Apple’s iOS or Android and nothing else. These are the two players in the mobile market.

A study by Gartner found that 87% of smartphones were android in 2016 which is 3.1% higher than last year and 11.5% market is covered by iOS which is 2.5% less than last year.

Let’s compare these two platforms based on the different factors.

1. What is your target audience?

For whom, you are developing an app? Users? Right? So firstly find out what is your target audience – Age, Country, Income, Time etc.

Android holds the largest global platform mostly from developing countries and lesser income areas. iOS users are highly educated, earn more money.

2. The Cost of the App

The cost of the app depends on how much time it takes to build.So basically – Long time, more cost.Let’s take an example of Android app taking more time so it will take higher upfront cost.From a cost perspective, iOS app is cheaper to develop than android.

3. Programming Language

Android App uses mainly Java, which is lower level language, i.e. easy to write. On the other hand, the iPhone uses Apple’s objective C language.It can be a hurdle for those who are not so proficient in another programming language.

4. Revenue of the App

You are developing an app to run your business all over the world.So you want to generate revenue from the app.In app purchase, iOS app generates 45% more revenue per user than Android app.Android has a high percentage of ad supported apps, On the other hand paying for apps is common in iOS.

5. Fragmentation

Designing an App on android bases varies not only on the device level, but also at the component level of the device. So there is a great fragmentation at the software level even more diverse than simply having to factor in different versions of Jelly Bean and Kitkat. Proper testing & free of the bug of Android app takes too much time to develop.

6. Development Tools

The Android development kit is android studio, which is free of cost and IDE highlights the error and offer choice for app developers.To add your iOS app over the Apple play store will take 99$ per year.

7. Simulators

Android simulators may end up with problems.This is because of the numerous, varied models that run on Android. In Android, you have to make the choice of the operating system versions. At iOS app, we need a single simulator which runs on appropriate  models.

8. Release Cycle

Android is an open source platform which allows to use third-party tools.With these features, one can add more functionality to their app. iOS is restrictive with developer guideline which provided fixed no. of tools and functionality.

9. Multitasking Abilities

The Android platform is very vast and effective .The developers can create dynamic apps for multipurpose and the major point is that it rarely creates problem for the developer but it consume a lot time to understand.

Apple iOS have clearly some featured tool which make easier to developer to process their task ahead.

10. How much time do you have to target the market?

It has been found that Android take 2-3 times longer than iOS app. If your target time of business is near so developing an iOS will be a good idea than Android. It has been proved by many developers that they have to write 40% of more code for an Android app than iOS app.

When to choose Android Platform for mobile app development ?

  • When your target audience is especially from developing category or urban areas.If your company can afford only one platform then, you should choose android app platform because ⅘ of the smartphones are running android system.
  • If your target is consumers not the business, then choose android platform.
  • When your targeted users are lower-income than move to the android platform and focus on UI.
  • If revenue from advertisement is your major goal. Android apps are the best option for your company to monetize the size of your market with advertisement.
  • When your app needs cutting-edge functionality.

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When to choose iOS app development Platform ?

  • When you want to deliver a great user experience through your app. iOS still deliver simple and easy to grasp user experience. Apple’s priority is always UI and UX over everything else.
  • When your app relay on device’s hardware. Apple is always giving his best in hardware component. It never compromises with the quality of hardware.
  • When your major goal is app-in purchase. iOS apps are majorly used by business persons or person who spend more in app purchase.

When to choose both platforms?

When the company has much enough resources and well established, then one should choose the both platforms to build the app. It’s not easy to develop an app at both platforms when you have less time and money.

If I talk about cross platform app development. These apps work on various operating systems.It covers two types of platform apps

  1. Native Cross- Platform Apps
  2. Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross-Platform Apps

Native cross- platform apps use software development kit to create mobile apps.Third party vendor choose their preferred language and create unified APIs on the native SDK.

Cross platform development can be fastest process and cost effective.This is ideal for B2B platform.Native cross-platform app SDKs are not standardized yet. The GUI needs to be coded multiple times to obtain platform specifics.

Conclusion : Hope the data included in the blog is good enough to choose the right platform to start your next business app.There is no fair comparison between these two apps, it’s ending with that what is important to you.You are weighting more to simplicity at app or want to earn a lot of benefit from the app.

So at the end it’s totally your choice. On which platform you want to stand up your business. You know everything about your business so this is your decision.Let’s share in the comments what you prefer.



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